Writing challenge day 18 – your favourite colour and why 

Bah! Such a mundane subject choice… I hate this question. It’s seen as such an important part of your personality like your favourite colour decides something about who you are. When you go on a date, to a job interview or meet a new friend it’s a conversation starter or filler. Why is it important? How does it factor into normal day to day life? If my favourite colour was based on what colour I wear a lot of it would be Black because my clothes are predominantly black. If it was based on the colour I decorate my house again black is a big feature along with Red. Hair colour used to be black and is now orange. I paint my nails whatever colour I fancy on any given day. 

Colour for me is not about a favourite particular one. I like all colours I tend to prefer darker ones like black or navy for a coat or shoes. Purples and blacks and reds for going out clothes and purples and pinks for underwear but I don’t think I have a preferential colour that I’m sure of being my ‘favourite’ at all. 


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