Writing challenge day 17 – A Quote You Try To Live By 

It seems to become a pattern here where I write while waiting for interviews! I’m actually in a coffee shop today waiting to interview which is new to me but I always think the cliche of the writing juices flowing in a coffee shop are fairly accurate. 

So today’s writing challenge asks for a quote I try to live by. I have a very influential quote from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. It’s said by one of the main characters Jace and I have it tattooed on my collar bone. 

  (An old photo from when my hair was black) 

For me the quote is really difficult to explain to me. It says ‘I am in the end what you made me’ and what it basically means to me is that no matter what you do or who you try to prove yourself too, people will always see and believe what they want to about you. 

I got it a few years ago when I was a bit of a good time girl. I went out partying a lot I had a lot of male friends and aqua untangles and it was instantly presumed that I must be sleeping with all of them. I wasn’t but it didn’t matter how much I protested or how much the guy denied it people still chose to believe it. There was a lot of sex-shaming that went on. The fact remaining that it wasn’t really anyone else’s business if I was doing what they said I was or not. So I decided to just stop caring. I carried on doing what I wanted and having a lot of fun with it and let them continue to believe what they wanted and I realised that the fun I was having going out and enjoying myself was definitely a better sort of fun than anybody who was having fun from talking about me was having.


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