Writing challenge – day 16 – bullet your entire day 

I’ll pre warn you this is probably not that interesting! 

  • 9am got up, made a cup of tea and had a cigarette while having a chat with my mum on the phone 
  • I took Fergus my dog outside for his toilet needs then came back and got ready to go to the shop. This involved putting a coat on over my pyjamas and tying my hair in a knot on top of my head 
  • My friend Hazel rang me so I spoke to her while I walked to the shop for cigarettes and back again 
  • I made another cup of tea and spoke to an agency and a sales company about interviews tomorrow 
  • I watched an episode of once upon a time and wrote in my diary 
  • I copied up some stuff into a notebook 
  • I made an omelette for lunch while speaking to my mum again 
  • I watched 4 episodes of the new season of vampire diaries 
  • I arranged another interview for tomorrow 
  • I spoke to sky and found out some info about my screening checks 
  • I did some editing on some draft assignments 
  • My dad came to see me so I had a cup of tea and a chat with him 
  • I made some bonfire toffee 
  • I made bolognaise for tea 
  • I went to a firework display 
  • I came home and updated my blog with a review of the bonfire display 
  • I wrote this! 

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