My Bonfire Night 

There’s a fine drizzle in the air which is typical of the 5th November. It’s as if the weather thinks ‘oh you want to go out and stand in a field and watch a fire and some sparkly gunpowder stuff? Oki dokies I’ll make it wet’. 

I’ve been excited for this years bonfire night as its the first public bonfire I’ve been to in years but also the first one me and my boyfriend have been to as a couple. 

When we arrived we had to pretty much stalk groups of people as being still fairly new to the area we had no idea where we were going! 

It was busy and there was a queue but we were in pretty quickly and made our donation of £1 each. It was already really busy by 7:30pm when we got there. There were several fairground rides like the walsa, wall of death (I think that’s what it’s called!), ghost train and funhouse. Plenty of food stalls selling burgers, fish and chips and donuts and a stage set up by Peak FM. As we arrived Lucy Spraggan from 2012’s X Factor was taking the stage where she performed some of her own songs before a mix of some classics like Golddigga and Prince of Bel-Air. 

8pm and the fireworks started. I must admit this was one of the best displays I’ve ever been to.  

 Perfectly timed with the music the show began with Duran Duran’s The Wildboys and featured hits like Chandelier by Rihanna and a Rudimental tune. The grande finale was Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses. 

A great evening we’ll definitely be returning next year. 


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