Writing challenge – day 15 – 3 pet peeves 

1. Ignorance – I’m talking about those people when you go somewhere like into town, a shop, get on a train etc. Who walk 4 people wide so you can’t get past or bump into you or don’t move out of the way or say excuse me when they do knock you. The people who drift around or stand in the middle of an aisle looking at something on a shelf and ignore you when you say excuse me. 

2. Outbound call centres particularly based in foreign countries – I completely understand that everyone needs a job and sometimes you have to take a job which isn’t ideal and means you have to do things that are against your normal principles. However ringing up to ask me about PPI or an accident that I haven’t actually had or even worse a recorded message advising me I’ve won £250 in a competition I haven’t even entered or your accent is so thick and your grasp of the English language so terrible that I can’t even understand what you’re trying to tell me or should I say sell me? Even worse when they leave unnecessary or dead voicemails that I have to take the time to pick up. 

3. People who put certain kinds of status on Facebook. We all have that one friend who is one of these: 

  • The pouter 
  • The grey goose guy 
  • The person who moans all the time 
  • The on/off heavily publisised relationship 
  • The one whose just split with her boyfriend and is halfway between moping and embracing being single 

Ooh it feels good to have a good moan! 


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