Writing challenge – day 14 – your life in 7 years 

So I found this one a little perturbing. Does it mean the past 7 years of my life or what I would like to happen in my life in the next 7 years? As I’m unsure I’ll take advantage of the writing time and do both! I’m currently sat in the boardroom of the Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield awaiting a 9am interview with Sky to be a customer service advisor! So keep your fingers crossed guys! 

Right I’ll stop digressing now and get on to the main piece. We’ll start with the past. It works quite well really as 7 years ago I was 18 so my adult life was just starting! This will hopefully make it a little more interesting than reading about my teenage years and childhood. 

So 2008 is where we begin. 2008 for me was a hectic year. I was still studying my admin nvq and working for a company called Apollo Travel. Not a bad job the best part I remember is that they had a canteen on site that offered free tea and toast! I’d just come out of a really bad relationship in the July just as I turned 18 which was great timing I suppose! Life was pretty good that year going out with friends, a holiday to Scotland with my best friend and not really having many bills which enabled me to freely do what I wanted with money. 

2009 was a bad year though. I lost my job due to the recession and the company going into administration. I did get £4,500 redundancy money but there was no work to be found so that quickly disappeared. I worked in a nightclub, waitressing in a pub and eventually in the December found a full time job in a call centre. It was around this time that I started to get heavily into debt. 

2010 I got into another destructive relationship and spent a lot of time on the sick from work due to severe depression. Inevitably the pressure work was putting on me got too much and I ended up leaving and going on the sick, I picked up a couple of shifts a week in a local pub and mostly sold all my prize possessions and went out and got drunk A LOT. I ended up finally getting a job in the October full time in admin. 

2011 things picked up slightly work was good and I was paying off my debts, I got some new friends and started socialising a lot more again. In October I met a guy who I worked with and we had a brief relationship which ended when he met someone else. I spiralled into a deep depression following this and got into more debt as spending money seemed the best way to make myself feel better. I also became unreliable at work as it wasn’t pleasant going in and facing him everyday. 

2012 things were about the same I stayed with the company and he eventually left (there was a long break here as I got called into my interview so I’m recommending at 10:54pm). After that I decided it was hard working there with all his family and the prospect of company closure hanging over me so I applied for other jobs and had interviews including one with the police as a 999 responder. I really wanted that one but unfortunately due to a caution on my crb from when I was 14 I didn’t get it. (That’s now finally spent yay!) 

2013 I finally got a new job in a school as an assistant librarian. It seemed like my dream job working with books all day but my manager was a complete cow! I did make a good friend but at the end of the year she left as well because of the manager. I don’t remember much else from that year except I went to Ibiza with two girls I thought were my friends. Had a huge fall out with them and flew home on my own! I started my degree in English literature this year too. 

2014 I moved on transfer to be a teaching assistant at another school. I loved the idea of the job but the school was rough and the kids were violent and had no urge to learn so I ended up resigning with stress. I got a job at a solicitors where the manager was a pervert so I left after a month. I worked in a call centre and I started this blog! I had several relationships which were short term and inspired my writing on here back then. 

2015 – this year has been a busy one! I met my boyfriend in February moved in with him in June. Changed jobs in April and then again in September and I’m now looking for yet another job! It’s been a tough but nevertheless immensely enjoyable year and things can only get better right? 

So what does the future hold? I’m actually sad enough to have a 5 year plan so I’ll try and extend it to 7. 

First things first by next year I’d like a good job working somewhere nice where I’m valued and treat well. 

2017 I’ll be finishing my degree and would like to finish with a 1st if possible! 

2018 I’d like to be working as a writer or publisher 

2019 I’d like to be engaged by this time at least if not before! And have finished writing my novel 

2020/2021 I’d like to be married and owning our own home 

Finally in 2022 I’d like to starting a family 



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