Review of The 1975 gig

So last night I got to go and see my favourite band for the second time in my life. I saw The 1975 for the first time last year at Manchester Apollo.

So first the venue. The 02 Academy at Sheffield is a pretty small venue usually used for small bands and also as a nightclub at weekends. It’s a pretty good venue and I’ve previously seen a few acts there including John Newman and La Roux. It has a small dance floor but enough space to the sides and behind and a standing circle on the first floor as well.

Now the band. The 1975 are that rare sort of band where they are both well known and yet at the same time little heard of. They debuted several years ago releasing 4 EPs between 2012 and 2013 and then a self titled debut album in 2013. Their style falls under the category of ‘indie’ and their EPs and first album were very much in this category. My favourites Robbers and Settle Down. There’s a good mix on the debut album from the soft sounds of tracks like robbers to the brilliantly poppy Girls and the instrumentals provided with the intro track, 12 and An Encounter.


The second album has been highly anticipated by fans and critics alike and the first track was released along with the album title on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show.


Love Me is a great single from The 1975 new album. It’s pop it’s electronic and it’s reminiscent of David Bowie what’s not to love. Matty’s usual deep meaningful lyrics shine through in an effort to resist conforming to modern standards of vanity and social media ‘you look famous, let’s be friends and portray we possess something important’. It has received more radio play than any other Single the band have released. You can listen to it and watch the fantastic video here:


So back to the gig. Introduced with white noise tv screens the band streamed onto the stage with Matty shaking his famous curly hair dressed in what appeared to be a navy coloured mac. They opened with the new single Love Me and the crowd obligingly went wild. Following it up with singles from the first album Heart Out and Settle Down. The gig went on with several songs from the old album along with some treats from the upcoming one as well.  Here’s the full set list I obtained from someone’s Twitter last night hehe.


Each song was delightfully supported by Matty taking off more and more of his clothes. Starting in the Mac and then losing it to reveal a cute stripy jumper


Next the jumper was replaced by an open shirt revealing his bare chest


And finally the loss of the shirt all together


So the new songs. As a die hard fan what did I think? I was worried at first I’ll admit. Having heard Love Me I knew their sound seemed to be changing. What scared me slightly was that it would change completely and I’d lose what I’d loved from the first album. Fortunately though this was not the case. The second song from the new album which they played last night was Change of Heart. A beautiful ballad about falling out of love with someone. Like Love Me it made references to our obsession with living life online ‘You took a picture of your salad and put it on the internet’. The catchy tune of Sound brings back a little of the sexual theme dominant in the first album with ‘you call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself’. Finally She’s American is a funky pop song possibly referring to someone the band met during their time in America over the last year. It again refers to vanity ‘she’s says I’ve got to fix my teeth’.

All of the new songs played bode well for the 17 track album titled ‘I love it when you sleep for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it’. The 1975 ‘s album is released on the 26th February 2016.



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