Graduation Day!

It’s been my boyfriend’s graduation today. It’s the first graduation ceremony I’ve ever been to and it was important not just because it was such a special day for him but also because it gave me an idea of what to expect for mine in a few years!

I wore an electric blue mini dress from H&M which was a bargain at £20! I finished it off with black tights and black open toe stilettos from new look £25 although you can’t see them on the photo! My boyfriend wore his suit with the signature graduation robes and cap.

After the obligatory photos outside the Sheffield city hall where the event was held it was time to go inside. I’ve never been to the City Hall before and it’s as impressive inside as out.



Family and friends sit separately from the graduates so we were up in the stalls while he was on the floor.

It was a long but interesting ceremony. Orchestra playing while a sceptre, funny outfits and a lot of bowing and sitting and standing goes on.


Next a speech from an official member of university staff and then literally 100s of students coming up to receive their awards. My hands were killing from so much clapping! I was so proud when my boyfriend stepped up on the stage and was announced. He got a first class honours degree in Business and ICT.
Afterwards we had an Italian meal at Mamas and Leonie’s (my namesake hehe) a traditional vintage style Italian restaurant tucked away down a little side street in Sheffield.

A great day all round but I’m knackered now and suffering from the walking in heels all day!


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