Writing challenge – day 13 – your commute to work 

9:37am I leave my house, lock the door and head down the two flights of stairs. To get to our shed I have to firstly unlock the outer door to access the passageway where all the sheds are for our block of flats and then use another key to get into the shed itself. The reason I’m in the shed is to get my bike which is the mode of transport I use to get to work. 

My bike is a white and sky blue mountain bike with black mudguards and recently fitted lights. I don’t wear a helmet which I know I should do but my hair just doesn’t allow it! 

I cycle out of the estate and have to cross at the traffic lights. Straight down the road past the college where they teach young men how to build sheds and on to the cycling path. At the moment it’s a nightmare to cycle there as its surrounded by trees and there are wet soggy leaves all over the ground. There is also a lot of noise from the traffic heading down the dual carriageway at the side of the cycle path. I have to cycle up on hill which is a still a killer even though I’ve been cycling this far for 8 weeks now. 

Once I leave the cycling route at the side of the hotel, I cross 3 sets of traffic lights at the shopping complex. There’s a huge tesco here, a kfc, costa coffee, aldi and a flaming grill pub. I take a right and go behind the tesco to join the next cycle path. This passes the car park for tesco on the left and the dual carriageway still on the right. Under a subway near a construction site where I usually pass a middle aged man walking his two Labradors. Onto the road now and I’m passing various different industry related companies from car mechanics to fence manufactures. Across the road with the blind bend which always scares me, under the bridge and the smell of fried food drifts towards me from the little cafe in the car dealerships car park. Left now up the road past the scrap merchant. Across the road and here I am 12 minutes later going in through the fire door and tying my bike up to the metal post where it lives during the day whilst I am at work. 


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