Writing challenge day 12 – two words or phrases which make you laugh. 

Ever get that moment where your mind goes completely blank as soon as you try to think about something specific? Well that was me as soon as I looked at today’s writing challenge instruction. There are so many words and phrases that make me laugh out loud but trying to catch onto one of them when asked directly was surprisingly hard. 

So the first one I came up with was a particular thing which my boyfriend says that for some reason I find hilarious. Whenever I use an adjective to describe something that is perhaps a bit gross or not pleasant he turns it into a remark so for example when I once said a sausage was slimey he said ‘slimy sausage for a slimey girl’ or if I was to say ‘this pizza is cheesey’ it’s ‘cheesey pizza for a cheesey girl’. It’s probably a bit of an in joke and not necessarily funny to other people but it’s something which just tickles me everytime. 

The other one is a joke I have with my friend Katie. Again probably not that funny to an outsider but hilarious to us. When we were in year 7 at school and pretty crazy we made up some stupid song about a suicidal pigeon now everytime a pigeon comes up in conversation we immediately break into song about the pigeon. 


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