Writing challenge day 11 – your current relationship. 

My love story is not that epic. Only really to we that are involved. But as its part of the challenge I’ll tell it anyway. 

Some brief relevant back story which those of you who have followed my blog from day 1 will already know a little about. My first relationship was physically and mentally abusive. After escaping that at 18 I then bounced around from one guy to another continuously falling for people who didn’t want someone like me. I have issues of course but don’t we all? I just prefer to let mine bubble to the surface a little more often and obviously than some others do. So anyway is fairly set myself up for a life of spinsterhood. I didn’t even care all that much if I’m honest I just thought well there’s other things to it, career for example, friends and family and I’m sure I’ll have a few nieces and nephews to attend to. So anyway I was a user of tinder, at first seriously and then afterwards more for the idea of getting some research done for my blog and some amusing stories to tell my friends. I even deleted it eventually just getting fed up with the same guys hitting on me and expecting sex in the flash of a swipe right. But as nights drew in and winter came suddenly and I was watching gossip girl I missed the habit of flicking through profiles screenshotting amusing tinder characters like this:  

There are some entertaining characters out there and I’d had some fun talking to a few guys and getting some much needed attention and flirtation. Then there were the guys you definitely swiped left too  

And the guys you deleted after you found out they were creeps  

(All photos courtesy of the useful iMessage storage system in mine and my friends text conversation) 

So anyway I decided to redownload tinder and one mad lonely night I actually messaged a guy first. He had a love of pizza I made some cheesy (see what I did there) quip about it and the rest I guess is what you call history. 

He was great to talk to, messaged me often, complimented me and was full on which some people don’t like but I happen to like very much. We had our first date which was awkward (for me) mainly due to me forgetting my ID and having to supply my Facebook account date of birth as proof of age, no free tables in the restaraunt so we moved on to pizza express where I then walked into the kitchen instead of the toilet and pretty much moon walked down a ramp. At the end of the night I also found my ID in the bottom of my bag where it had been all along *facepalms*. We went back to his and he was the perfect gentleman, he didn’t try anything we just spooned and watched scrubs and he gave me a chaste goodbye and saw me into a taxi. 

The following Tuesday we met up again and spent all day laughing and chatting and well other stuff.. That weekend he came with me to my friend’s shop opening, I went to his friends birthday night out and a couple of days later we were ‘official’. 

9 months later we are strong and happy, we live together in our first home he has a grad job we have a little dog who was mine first but is now ours and we are adjusting to life together pretty well. We have our ups and downs like every couple but I don’t regret anything and I love him more than words can say.  



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