Writing challenge – day 9 – my feelings on ageism 

This is an odd one. Not because Ageism is not a real thing but because of all prejudices I think it is the one least discussed. People often speak about racism, ableism and sexism but it is not often Ageism is a topic of conversation. 

As such I must admit I don’t know a lot about it. I understand that ageism is prejudice against people based on age. For example someone with experience for a job but due to their age are considered too young or too old. In order to write a fulfilling piece however I decided to delve a little deeper and fully research the topic in order to form more of an opinion than my instant reaction of ‘well it’s wrong’. 

From my findings I discovered that ageism is as I originally though mostly applicable to the work place where someone may be discriminated against based on their age. It does however also relate to how people of a certain age are portrayed in the media and how this shapes public opinion. It also goes a lot more in depth about ageism when it comes to getting a doctors referral, applying for interest free credit and claiming benefits. 

For me my personal opinion on ageism is that like all discrimination it is without doubt a bad attitude to have. Take refusing interest free credit for example if a young person is in full time work etc why would they be less reliable to pay back credit than anyone else. The same applies to the elderly, if they are in full health, have proof of income that they can meet their repayments what’s the problem? 

Feel free to leave comments and post your own views on the topic! 

Research obtained and further reading available here: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/work-and-learning/discrimination-and-rights/what-is-ageism/


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