Writing challenge – day 7 what tattoos you have and if they have meaning.. 

So I’ve made it to a week of posting the writing challenge! Yay! 

So tattoos! I have quite a lot! I’ve tried to accompany as many as I can with pictures but I’ve missed the stencilled butterfly behind my ear and the stars down my side as I couldn’t find a photo and don’t want to get out of bed to take one! 

  Officially my first tattoo. Betty was a 17th birthday present from my parents. She’s very faded and wasn’t done very well to begin with but she’s a cutie pie and I love Betty Boop! 
  These stars started as my first boyfriends name at the bottom but then got covered up with the ‘tramp stamp’ and extended into the larger trail of stars
  I think I had an obsession with stars! These are on my right hip
  More stars on my right foot this time! 
  Really old picture this was about my 5th tattoo and is on my upper right leg 
  My anchor saying mum and dad as they’ve always kept my feet on the ground. 
   Parts of my Alice in Wonderland leg piece I also now have the mad hatter and white rabbit and plan to add the Queen of Hearts and some minature teapots, tea cups, drink me, eat me etc. 
  Wild heart. Self explanatory really!  
 Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings. This was to keep me inspired to go back to uni and study and not waste my brain! 

  JLS lyrics, the first song sung to me by Oritse my favourite member. 
  Coldplay lyrics ‘I will try to fix you’ over my heart after it was broken for the first time  
 a lemony Snickett quote I got after my chihuahua Pablo was killed. 

 Two Harry Potter quotes combined in one with the Always and deathly Hallows sign. 

  My Jessica rabbit pin up. Just because she’s hot and it was something a bit different to the average pin up 
 The outer and inner parts of my sleeve 

  My quote from the mortal instruments ‘I am in the end what you made me’ probably the most meaningful to me. I interpret it as whatever people think of you that is what you will become in their eyes and you can never change that because people believe what they want to! 


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