30 day writing challenge – day 5 – a place I would live but have never visited 

Italy is a place I have always thought I would like to live. I’m not even sure specifically where or having not visited it of course (hence the title) if it would even be a good decision! 

So why would I live there based on my limited knowledge of the place? 

The first obvious reason is undoubted the food. Not only is pizza and pasta the food of the gods in my opinion, it’s also really great food where my allergy is Inverness and I can usually eat most Italian foods. 

The architecture. It’s impossible to deny that Italy has some beautiful architecture. The colosseum, the leaning tower, the Pantheon, St Peters of Rome, St Marks Square, the Doge’s Palace etc. 

There’s the pull of the floating city of Venice, the religious element of Rome, the ash coated city of Pompeii the beautiful resort of Sorrento. 

Reverting back to food there’s the wine, coffee and ice cream. My idealistic minds eye image of sitting in a square the sun beating down on me while sipping delicious wine and eating a tasty pasta dish. Even the language and accent is beautiful. 

The art is delightful the books and the people who have come out of Italy. Picasso and Dante. The people and sense of family coming together, the shopping, the markets and did I mention the food? 


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