30 day writing challenge – day 4 – 10 interesting facts about you 

So I’m sat in Sheffield station after a lovely catch up with two great friends I haven’t seen for approx. A year. It’s been a night of pizza and cocktail and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. However I’m now sat in the station waiting for a 45 minute delayed train which has in my time of writing been delayed by a further 10 minutes. So I decided this was a great time to do two things. Listen to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as its a nice long song to kill time, but also to do my fourth day of the writing challenge! 

As usual I have to question myself about this post. Finding ten facts about myself that are interesting, well that depends does it mean what I consider interesting or what is actually interesting to other people? So here goes I hope what I have to say isn’t too boring!

1. I have a serious nut allergy. As anyone who follows my blog regularly will know I have a life risking allergy which causes all sorts of problem for my day to day life from eating out to finding a job where people are actually prepared to not bring nuts into work and risk my life. You can read about my mishaps in more detail on some of my other blog posts if you check the main page! 

2. I have quite a lot of tattoos. From top to bottom I have a small stencilled butterly under my right ear, stars all the way down my spine. A quote from the mortal instruments on my collar bone, a full sleeve of butterfly with a day of the dead head on the inside of my right arm, a quote on my inner left arm at the top and one on my inner left arm at the bottom, stars on my right hip, stars running up my left side, a lemony snicket quote on my right ribs, a Coldplay song lyric underneath my left breast, a Harry Potter quote on my left thigh, a rose and butterly piece on my right thigh, a pin up of Jessica rabbit on my left calf, an Alice in wonderland leg sleeve on my right calf, stars on my right foot and an anchor on my left foot. 

3. I have an actual addiction to cheese 

4. I have a Scottish terrier called Fergus who will be 3 years old next Tuesday 

5. I love reading and have read over 1300 books 

6. This year I have read 113 books 

7. I have 3 younger siblings brother 22 sister 17 and sister 10 

8. I work in admin for a distribution warehouse and hate it! 

9. I recently moved to a new town away from family and friends for my boyfriends job 

10. I am writing a fantasy novel which I’ve been working on for of a year 


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