30 day writing challenge – day 2 – Your Earliest Memory 

My earliest memory 
Having looked at this part of the writing challenge, I was unsure what to do. I spoke to my partner and asked how do you recall your earliest memory? He answered straight away that his memory is of visiting cleethorpes with his family when he was a child. But for me I literally have no idea! Before the age of around 8/9 I pretty much remember nothing. My mind becomes confused with what I’ve been told are memories rather than what I can actually remember. 

How do we differentiate between the things we’ve been told we did and the things we actually remember. Memory is a funny thing and can often play tricks on us and we listen to the retelling of stories, look at photos and watch home videos these things become pictures and thoughts in our minds and allow us to form what we ‘think’ are memories but in fact are only memories of something we have seen or heard before. 

Therefore I will choose not to provide any early memory at all but instead leave you with the question of your own memories authenticity. 


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