30 day writing challenge – Day 1 

So I’ve decided to get involved in the 30 day writing challenge. This is actually yesterday’s post but I’m posting today due to being so tired last night!  

Here’s the idea behind it. Some of them are a bit less ‘story’ like than I would have liked but I decided they would work quite well for my blog and hopefully might garner some interest! So here goes. 

Day 1 – 5 problems with social media 

Social media is both good and bad. That is a well established idea that most people would agree on. Usage is determined usually by your age, gender and interests. What most people can agree on though is that social media zaps our time and takes over our lives. There is a growing concern that we spend too much of our time online and that social media can cause bullying, spending less time with family and friends, neglecting important things like work and study, obsession with looks not only your own but other people’s and preventing you from getting a healthy amount of sleep. 

Only a short one on this occasion as I didn’t see much need to elaborate on a well talked about topic. I’ll post day 2s (today) later on this evening. 


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