Why it’s great to be you!

It’s not often that we manage to be wholly happy with ourselves as women. I’m not saying for one minute that men don’t suffer insecurities too but as women I think we are a little more open about it. We’re the first ones to criticise ourselves be it our appearance, our personalities or our working/personal life.

So as a celebration of women and being a woman I decided to find 50 things that are great about being a woman. I researched some points using facebook friends and others are ones I came up with myself. So the next time you’re feeling a little down about yourself, take a look at this list and have a feel good moment!

  1. Your bra has a second function as two extra pockets. A great place to store your phone, cash, cards etc when you don’t have a bag or purse handy.
  1. We have far more erogenous zones than men which means we are guaranteed more pleasure!
  1. The option to wear high heels, yes they hurt our feet sometimes but there’s nothing like the feeling they give you of looking like a million dollars
  1. Different hair styles we can have both short or long hair, do plaits, buns, ponytails etc without getting stick like men with long hair do
  1. Dying our hair any colour we want to!
  1. The difference between able to have a load of handbags and shoes (both high and flat) is acceptable – Natalie via facebook
  1. Being a woman is great because it means I get to be a mummy to my son – Fay via facebook
  1. We can be moody and use the excuse of being hormonal – Emily via facebook
  1. You can have a PJ day without being called lazy – Karen via facebook
  1. Buying excessive amounts of shoes and handbags with the excuse of being a woman – Katie via facebook
  1. I can do anything a man can do and still look good naked! – Hayley via facebook
  1. Drinks bought for you, car doors opened for you. Its great being female! – Karen via facebook
  1. The feeling of life growing inside you, the fact we have an ability to grow life inside us and nurture that exact same life outside with courage, wisdom, strength and compassion. A feeling that is only gained to strong capacity because we have the ability in the first place – Lora via facebook
  1. Multiple orgasms! – Emily via facebook
  1. I’m happy to be female as it means having the most important role ever; and that is to be a mum – Amanda via facebook
  1. We get the last say! – Kim via facebook
  1. I get to play with my own boobs! – Noor via facebook
  1. Women have more opportunity where equality is concerned. We are still fighting to get more while men are actually losing slowly as women in high powered jobs etc are on the increase – Jenni (work colleague)
  1. We are always right! – Kathryn via facebook
  1. We have an excuse to spend a ridiculous amount of time getting ready – Natalie via facebook
  1. Creating an initial shock factor when we do something ‘manly’ i.e constructing a bookcase (using instructions) kicking ass at paintballing, winning at FIFA. – Jade via facebook
  1. We can throw a tantrum and blame PMT – Karen via facebook
  1. Makeup shopping at MAC! – Amy via facebook
  1. We can bring the most precious thing into the world: a child – Kim via facebook
  1. Being Grandma; it’s the best job in the world – Gwen via facebook
  1. The hours it’s acceptable to spend getting ready – Becki via facebook
  1. The female community. we seem to combine more, for example; complimenting each other, men don’t do that – Amy via facebook
  1. Showing we have just as much power as men and are very capable of looking after ourselves. Gone are the days when we need a man to look after us! Independence rules! – Jade via facebook
  1. If my skin is bad I can cover it with makeup! I’d hate to be male and not be able to put makeup on – Jenni (work colleague)
  1. We can change our look with hair and makeup – Karen via facebook
  1. Because I get to be a mum at some point in my life – Noor via facebook
  1. More chance to be individual – Natalie via facebook
  1. Because you get to be a mum and nothing breaks the bond as they already know the sound of your heartbeat from the inside – Helen via facebook
  1. Being the example of those before me and being an example for those after me – Jodie P via twitter
  1. Women are always sat on a fortune – Della (work colleague, very tongue in cheek!)
  1. Because of how close we are with friends. Women talk and share things with each other that men won’t discuss – Emma via facebook
  1. We have boobs and cracking asses! – Siobhan via facebook
  1. I love being female because I enjoy doing my hair and makeup when I’m down to cheer me up! – Tia via twitter
  1. Feeling life grow inside you – Becki via facebook
  1. Women and children always go first i.e. on the Titanic – Jenni (work colleague)
  1. I find it hard to think of things which make being a woman great. It can be so much effort, but I guess being a mum one day is a good thing – Jodie L via twitter
  1. I love being female because maybe one day I will feel the sensation of creating another human being inside my own body – Jodie P via twitter
  1. Being able to scare men to death with ‘the look’ – Kate via facebook
  1. We are allowed to cry at films – Karen via facebook
  1. We have much cooler shoes than men! – Deborah (Auntie)
  1. Boobies! – Alice via Snapchat (with accompanying picture! haha)
  1. There’s more choice of clothes to wear – Natalie via facebook
  1. We’re not a man! – Irene (grandma)

We can multitask which is something men are never able to do! – Irene (grandma

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