A touch of the green eyed monster… 

I’m laid awake despite the fact I need to be up in 6 hours time for work. That equals me being a crabby, nasty b*tch all day tomorrow and my day is already ruined before it’s even begun. 

The reason? My boyfriend’s housemate. For the sake of privacy purposes we’ll call her Laura. 

Now in past relationships, like many others I have been betrayed. Betrayed by men who professed to love me and then went out and did the dirty on me. Sometimes with girls I never knew and once with two girls who were ‘just friends’ and had the audacity to look me in the eye everyday knowing they’d been sleeping with my guy. 

I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 months now and he couldn’t be more perfect. He is loving, kind, ambitious, caring and thoughtful. I have no complaints, I don’t think in the bottom of my heart that he would ever betray me… But Laura* is becoming an issue. 

When I first starting chatting with my boyfriend and we became friends on Facebook, as you do I looked through his photos, I saw laura* on a lot of these pictures in what can only be described as ‘coupley’ poses, at the time I considered it may be his ex that is how ‘coupley’ they were, I didn’t see how they could be just friends from those pictures. As time went on I forgot all about those photos, even when I met laura* I didnt connect the dots. 

Laura* seemed really great at first, really friendly with me and plus she had a boyfriend of her own, but as time went on it became more of an issue. The first time I stayed the night she came barging in, in the morning, my boyfriend always sleeps naked and her excuse that she didn’t know I was there meant nothing the fact was she was coming into his room early in the morning and whether I was there or not he wouldn’t have had clothes on. There have been other numerous occasions where she has entered or tried entering the room. 

Conversations with him are peppered with mentions of her, ‘Laura says.. Laura does…’ Sometimes he even confuses conversations he’s had with her or stories she’s told him with ones from me. On one occasion when he was on the phone to me he cut me off mid sentence and started having a conversation with her. 

He has a job interview in Nottingham, she’s sending him links for houses he might like and practicing his interview questions; things I had offered to do as his actual girlfriend. 

Maybe I’m being ridiculous but I’ve had as much as I can take, I think I have gone above and beyond what is acceptable. I have took it and took it and now it’s just starting to come to a head, I’m sick of her being in his room, I’m sick of her texting and what’s apping him constantly, I’m sick of listening to what she does and doesn’t have to say and yes I admit it I am feeling sick with jealousy and paranoia. 

Up until now I have bit my tongue. Kept my mouth shut or dropped subtle hints to avoid seeming neurotic. But how much more is a girl expected to take? I could take some comfort from the end of the uni year and him moving out this weekend but no. They have a trip to Prague for a few days in June with the rest of the uni group, I have no idea how I’m going to cope with that one, it will be a horrendous time. 

So what do I do..? Will confronting him seem neurotic, push him away and not make a difference? Or am I better telling him how I feel and hoping he’ll put a stop to her behaviour? Something’s got to give because my patience is stretched as far as it will go before I snap! 


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