Bring Back the Bush

I have recently been heavily inspired by a book I picked up in the charity shop. It is called ‘How to Be a Woman’ and it’s the part autobiography, part manual of Caitlin Moran. For those who (like me) don’t know who Caitlin Moran is, well you should do! As a strident feminist I do not understand how she had somehow slipped under my radar until now.

I would like to point out that I only started reading this book this morning and that as yet I am only at the beginning of Chapter 6, however I have already been inspired to write about it and its influence on my life already.

I won’t go into much detail about the content of the book itself other than to say that it is hilarious, relatable and very educational and you should all go out and buy it immediately. What I am going to talk about, and trust me it is relevant… I’m going to talk about women’s pubic hair.

What? Eh? Why? Well basically because this semi autobiography has made me actually give it some thought. Caitlin has a whole chapter dedicated to the subject of women’s pubic hair called ‘I Am Furry!’ and it’s a real eye opener to the stupid things we do as women for the pleasure of who exactly?

As Caitlin states in her I am furry chapter there has been a craze for the bald vagina which has slowly crept up on us over the decades and the basic question is why do we do it? I mean let’s face it, it’s a painful process whichever way you go about it; you wax it or laser it or epilate it and it bloody hurts and half your skin comes off with it, or you shave it and resort to firstly an itchy uncomfortable patch full of pesky in growing hairs and to be honest it hardly looks attractive does it?! For most of us it results in a full blown rash which itches constantly, stubble starts poking through almost immediately and if you’re anything like me you feel the urge to never let anybody actually see that pale, red spotted bald chicken that’s hiding between your legs. Worst of all I think is the fact that we’re the only ones that do it, men can walk around flaunting their bush with pride but if a woman has hair down there it’s viewed as being disgusting, it would be amazing if someone could make clear what the difference is there?

Caitlin makes a very astute observation in her book that the trend of the Brazilian or the Sicilian or the fully bald vagina comes from the women we see on porn films, however something not many if any of us realise is that this is due to the camera wanting to get up close and in depth shots of exactly what is going on, this is something which is really not necessary in real life.

So upon reading the I am Furry chapter I came to a decision it was like a lightbulb came on in my head. I thought to myself for 10 years since I first hit puberty I have been removing every single speck of hair from my nether regions. I have caused myself to be the owner of an itchy, uncomfortable, not very attractive body part which really when I think about it in these terms should be a beautiful part of my body that I embrace and am happy with. It should be comfortable and neat, tidy and nice to look at. So I came to my decision; I am bringing back my bush. Caitlin Moran’s doing it, Dawn O’Porter’s doing it. So why aren’t I? these are women who are inspirational to me, who I read about and connect with and think I want to be like these women, I want my sex to empower me instead of allowing myself to be crushed by the patriarchy.

How can I say I am a feminist when I am enslaving myself to an uncomfortable procedure that frankly makes me hate myself when I look in the mirror? So it’s official today is the first day of my vaginas new life as something I can respect and cherish and not be ashamed of and I can’t wait!


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