Average Model

I know that in some ways I am covering old ground here. Nothing new to report. Nothing that has not been said/written about before. However I feel that it is still a pressing issue. I’m talking about the size regulations for models.

I am well aware of the fact that designers want tall, thin models because they make their clothes look good, however I can’t help but think that it’s a bit of a silly policy. So here’s the designers theory:

‘Using tall, thin models we will make our clothes look really good and then more people will buy them’

Now here’s my theory:

‘ooh that outfit on that tall thin model looks amazing, I am now faced with two options a) notice she is tall and thin and appreciate that item of clothing will never suit my body type, or b) go to the store try on the outfit and find it looks naff. Either way I’m not buying those clothes’

If you didn’t get it from my examples, my theory overrides the designer’s theory completely. Basically the number of tall, thin women who would suit those clothes tend to be exactly the people that aren’t out buying them. While every other brand be it technology, bookshops or pet stores have figured out that to sell things to the average consumer you have to offer a variety of products clothes designers just don’t seem to be getting it.

Imagine you are a reader of crime novels or romantic fiction. Those two genres are probably the average person’s favourite type of book. Now imagine you go into a book store and all they sell are books about training soldiers in the American Civil War. The amount of people buying those books is a small niche market as are clothes for tall thin models so why don’t they click on?

Please don’t think that this post is anything about picking on tall, thin women. It’s not. I don’t have an issue with any women of any body size I just believe it’s time clothing catered to all body types instead of just one or two. There have been several campaigns against this subject but all it seems to do is generate the other side of the spectrum with ‘plus size’ models being clothing for larger ladies. What about us in between? At 5’2 and a size 10-12 I am neither tall and thin nor plus size so where do I find models that display how the clothing would look on me?


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