My First Vintage Shopping Experience

Today I had my first official vintage shopping experience. Vintage clothing is something I have held an interest in for some time but never really got round to actually going shopping for it.

Sheffield has a wide range of vintage clothing stores so today my friend and I set out to try and find some fashionable vintage bargains and a reliable store we could return to.

The reason we chose to go today was due to the famous vintage kilo sale taking place in A New Shop, one of the many vintage stores on Division Street in Sheffield. The vintage kilo sale for those who don’t know is a UK based vintage wholesaler who visits different stores across the country and hosts a sale of vintage clothing for £15 per kilo. As you can imagine we were pretty psyched for it!

Unfortunately our excitement was short lived. Admittedly we were slightly late arriving at 12pm as the sale started at 10am but bearing in mind it didn’t finish while 6pm we expected some kind of stock replenishment to be going on during the day. We paid our pound to get in and got ready to start gathering items with glee. 15 minutes later we left empty handed. Most of the items were definitely men’s clothing, there were no dresses or skirts as advertised on the events Facebook page. The only item I did like was a brown fur coat but the great big hole in the back put me off. All in all it was more ‘charity shop’ or ‘jumble sale’ than the usual class of vintage couture you expect to find in Sheffield’s second hand stores.

Next we made our way up Division Street and called in a few of the little boutiques. Sour Cherry jewellery store and Moonko were both highly rated with their chic, cute jewellery including a gorgeous little Wizard of Oz charm bracelet at £14 in Sour Cherry and a great range of stylish lockets priced at just £19 in Moonko.

Across the road we were attracted to a store where the mannequins wore sparkly sombreros (always a good selling point) this store was Mooch Vintage. Brilliant bargain prices and some well known brand names further added to the attraction. Mooch has everything from fur coats to vintage cowboy boots, distressed denim jackets and jeans, fur hats and pretty little bags along with some delightful vintage jewellery and brooches. Not to mention the staff are fun and friendly and a lot of seemingly repeat customers were coming in to make new purchases which is always reassuring!

After much deliberation I settled on a pair of distressed denim Levi shorts and an appealing pink check Levi shirt, all for the bargain price of £30 (£15 per item). Ok so it wasn’t a kilo of clothing for £15 but the quality and choice of items were of a much higher calibre in Mooch.

Final stop Cow. Cow had some great items if you’re into vintage designer. A lot of Ralph Lauren, hundreds of 50s housewife dresses and some pretty cool dungarees. However the prices were more than double those in Mooch and most items weren’t suitable for people like me who are a different size on top and bottom. This was purely due to a rather quirky skill at Cow where most items are cut up and fashioned into something else e.g. a long shirt is made into a twinset. Great if you’re slim or at least the same size all the way down, not so great if you’ve got curves.

Today has all in all been a very productive and useful day. I’ll definitely be back at Mooch soon to purchase more lovely vintage clothing!

You can view some of the items mentioned in today’s post on the store’s websites

Below are a couple of photos of the items I bought from Mooch today!

IMG_4134 IMG_4137


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