Facebook Prejudice

A friend’s Facebook status regarding racism highlighted something for me today. It demonstrated to me the everyday prejudice and discrimination that goes on in life, which the majority of us don’t notice or disregard and accept as normal behaviour. I don’t apply this purely to discrimination and prejudice of race and ethnicity but also to discrimination based on gender, disability and many others.

Facebook is one aspect of our lives which demonstrates everyday discrimination. One quick scroll down my timeline highlights several issues of prejudice that most of the time we wouldn’t really pick up on when browsing the newsfeed. Pages like ‘The Lad Bible’ for example or ‘lads only’ I find things from these pages extremely funny and yet they are in their very title excluding me from enjoying them. Yes theoretically I can enjoy them but the title suggests that I as a woman would not find them in the slightest bit funny. A friend recently had a hilarious moment that we considered to be worthy of a post on lad bible but although she submitted it, it was never posted and why was that? Obviously we don’t know for definite but more than likely because she is a woman and therefore can’t be posted under the pages hashtag LAD. Posts on pages such as ‘lads only’ are not even the sort of picture that would be applicable to the page’s name for example a meme of a dog with the caption ‘important to stretch before chasing the mailman’ why is something like that aimed at lads only? Even worse are the derogatory posts on these pages that hit out at women as the butt of sexist jokes, I’m sure you know the sort I mean ‘go make me a sandwich’ or ‘how do you fix a woman’s watch? Why should you? There’s a clock on the oven’. If anyone makes anything of this though then you’re classed as being ‘sensitive’ or worse ‘a feminist’ or a ‘woman’. No shit Sherlock.

It isn’t just women that suffer either, the appearance of these pages have inevitably produced counter attacks like the ‘women only’ and ‘Lass bible’ pages. Although mostly relating to girly problems like diet and clothes these pages can be just as prejudiced in that some of their posts are equally funny to men as they are women and some of them are derogatory to men with comments about penis size or body shape being no better than sandwich comments and boob size in their objectification.

Yesterday I saw someone share a video of a couple having a physical fight on one of those Jeremy Kyle type shows, the reason they shared it as funny? Because the couple were little people.

Yet for all of these things nobody seems to bat an eyelid. We might disagree with them, not like them even report them to Facebook but none of us really say anything to the people who post these things because we can’t be bothered with the stress of a keyboard warrior war so we just pass it by and get used to it. There has come a point now where I am starting to wonder whether we will ever see a world where equality wholly exists.


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