Can you be too picky?

A girlfriend text me the other day and said no wonder you’re single, you’re so picky. It was said in a way that implied there was something wrong with me for being choosy about who I want to date.

I have a simple outlook on life, I have fun when I want to and I meet great guys when I’m single (which is most of the time) I enjoy the single life. But call me crazy I believe that when I meet someone I want to be with I genuinely want them to be ‘the one’ who I can spend the rest of my life with and I guess that’s what makes me picky.

There’s a lot of factors that would have to be right to make me want to get into a relationship with someone. Of course there will always be the physical needs of being attracted to someone and being compatible in bed (anyone who says these things don’t matter are lying) but it goes beyond that as well. I’m a big believer in soul mates and the connection two people can feel together. I think it’s important to share the same goals and ambitions and to want the same things from life it’s no good for example being somebody who wants to travel if your partner wants to stay at home, or wanting ten children if your partner wants none.

Yes there is such a thing as compromise and opposites attracting but this life is the only one we ever get and I think that I personally would rather spend it alone that with someone who does not fill it with happiness, who doesn’t respect me and my goals or who I cannot respect in return. To me it is far better to wait and be alone and let people judge you for your choices than to settle for second best and spend the rest of your life judging yourself.


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